New Arcade Bar Opens in Australia


About a dozen classic arcade machines are now a part of the nightlife scene in Launceston, a city on the island state of Tasmania in Australia. That’s because a new arcade bar – simply named The Arcade Bar – just opened.

Co-owners Shylie Woods and Brad Goldsmith hang out by the Pac-Man machine.

Original video games like Space Invaders, Pac-Man and Galaga are all part of the nostalgia, plus a resin bar that houses old cassette tapes. Co-owners Shylie Woods and Brad Goldsmith have owned the space for a number of years, but only recently decided to turn it into an arcade bar, according to The Examiner.

“Brad already had most of the games, so we thought why not turn the space into a bar using those games,” Woods said. Learn more about the business at


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