Nevada Route Operation Gives Update On State’s Reopening


With Phase 1 of its reopening plan underway, Nevada has started to reopen restaurants at 50% capacity, keeping tables a minimum of six feet apart. That includes pizza parlors, bars, taverns and sports bars that serve food, according to operators Russ and Adam Minter of Stick With Us Amusements. But playing games in those locations is still somewhat up in the air.

“Unfortunately, many of our locations are concerned about allowing the amusement machines to be open for play worrying about keeping the players safe,” they said. “Therefore, we at Stick With Us Amusements have turned off every few games and any multiplayer games, keeping a 6-foot distance between playable machines.”

By doing that, the operators say it’s eased the fears of locations, making them more willing to turn the equipment back on. Along with signs they’ve placed on turned-off machines (as seen above), the operation has also offered to help supplement the cost for staff to sanitize the equipment regularly in addition to Stick With Us Amusements employees doing a thorough once-a-day cleaning on them.


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