NEN/Vengo Launch High-Tech Vending Machines in Texas


National Entertainment Network (NEN) has partnered with Vengo, a New York-headquartered company which produces high-tech, interactive vending machines with touchscreens, to expand the automated retail market.

“NEN is taking an important step towards our vision of creating multi-channel platforms for our user base that are more in line with the digital expectations of today’s consumers,” said NEN CEO Ed Flaherty.

Vengo is making its first foray into Texas by placing NEN-operated machines in gym locations. The company’s futuristic vending machine can now be found in Dallas and San Antonio in over 40 various locations within that gym network. NEN has already begun to integrate digitally-driven equipment and program enhancements to its products. Both companies say they are thrilled to bring the convenience of on-the-go retail to gym goers and aim to enhance the workout experience in an innovative way. Beyond serving as a retail solution, Vengo also engages customers by delivering information and content directly on its touchscreen.NEN says the machines should delight customers and on-the-ground personnel alike, as the Vengo platform is also equipped with a full-scale, back-end monitoring system.

Brian Shimmerlik, Vengo’s CEO, said, “NEN is an extremely well-run company and we are thrilled to partner with such a high-quality operator.” \

For more information on NEN, click here. More on Vengo here.


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