NAC at Work Addressing Troublesome ATM Measures


The National ATM Council’s Governmental Affairs team has been busy staying on top of new legislation that may adversely impact the independent ATM business. (To best keep in the loop on these issues, you can attend NAC2023 in October.)

Among what NATMC calls the “troublesome and misguided” state legislative measures that have NAC the industry this year:

In Virginia, NAC was able to work successfully with Venco founder John Newberry to overcome a regulation that would have implemented a new licensing and regulatory scheme for all independent ATM operators, including a rate cap on surcharge fees.

In Texas, with the assistance of NAC board member Mark Cumming, legislation was defeated that would have created a “draconian and costly” licensing and regulatory scheme in the state.

Other similar efforts were thwarted in California and New York.

If you operate ATMs in any of these states and would like to help continuing to put pressure on these issues and more, email NAC executive director Bruce Renard at [email protected].


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