N.J. State Senator Wants to Regulate Cranes


1f03ed00-8122-46b4-a828-467730b94097New Jersey Senator Nicholas Scutari (D) has introduced new legislation to regulate “games of chance,” notably cranes, through his state’s Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission. The legislation is fallout from a recent TODAY show report (covered in a past Instant RePlay) that asserts too many operators unfairly set the machines to reduce winnings.

The proposed bill – S2487 – would require game operators comply with new commission-determined standards establishing reasonable odds for players to win at the game. The commission will determine what exactly those odds by consulting with amusement game licensees and operators, as well as by examining similar regulations and industry standards nationwide. Under the bill, amusement game licensees or operators of a game would only be issued a certification of permissibility if the machine was in compliance with standards. The bill will not affect winner-every-time cranes and other machines that guarantee prizes.

RePlay reminds operators that a crane that rarely gives a player the joy of winning a prize is one that won’t have many players coming back. When analyzing your bottom line, don’t forget the amusement that gives our industry its name.


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