Monopoly Roll-N-Go Now Shipping from ICE, Raw Thrills


The latest redemption game from ICE and Raw Thrills, Monopoly Roll-N-Go, is now shipping. Featuring a LED-lit cube, players spin to get more properties, win more tickets and try to hit the Monopoly big bonus. Other bonuses aim to ensure ultimate fun, and therefore repeat play on the machine.

“We have not seen a video redemption game with this type of presence and earnings since Deal or No Deal,” said ICE President Joe Coppola. “Prior to the horrible pandemic that has challenged our world globally, this game was producing incredible revenues throughout all the test locations. If one game is sure to have a major impact in locations worldwide this summer as things open back up, it will be Monopoly.”

Monopoly Roll-N-Go includes two stacked 55-inch screens aimed at capturing a player’s attention from across the game room. For operators, the game has an easy-access service door in the front for updates and repairs.

To add a real “wow factor,” operators can add the “MEGA Marquee” to link multiple units. With this option, players are able to collect all 16 properties to win a Mega Bonus.

“We know the challenges ahead facing our industry and many others simply trying to reopen their businesses, Monopolyis sure to attract the whole family and will undoubtedly provide a fantastic ROI for operators globally. If you are looking for that game that can have a real impact immediately, Monopoly is that ‘must have’ of 2020.”

To learn more, visit or contact your ICE sales rep to order today.


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