Miss IAAPA? See LAI’s Post-Expo Video & Photo Showcase


For those who couldn’t make it to IAAPA, LAI Games has curated a page of videos, photos and information about the newest products they displayed at the international show: Hyper Shoot, The Vault and Let’s Bounce.

Let’s Bounce gives players the chance to win tickets in an innovative way: players get 20 balls and are challenged to hit 45 illuminated tiles in the allotted time. Its attractive but easy gameplay can draw a crowd, the company says.

Hyper Shoot is LAI’s new basketball game, which incorporates huge LED-studded light hoops that track each players shots, lighting up as the bail flies past. The Vault has players racing against the clock again, this time to win tickets by opening a bank vault.

For more information on the games, check out the video embedded above.


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