Minority Media Teams With Cleanbox Technology


Game maker Minority Media has announced a partnership with Cleanbox Technology to bring hygiene solutions to its location-based VR operators.

“At Minority we place the safety and well-being of our operators and customers above all else, and it is because of this that we are extremely proud to announce a partnership with Cleanbox Technology to deliver state-of-the-art smart tech hygiene solutions across Minority’s LBVR platforms,” the company wrote.

Cleanbox, of course, is a leading eco-friendly, virus-killing solution for headsets, eyewear, masks and other mass-use hardware. Using UVC light, it destroys 99.99% of viruses, germs and bacteria on all parts of VR headsets.

Learn more about the companies at www.weareminority.com and www.cleanboxtech.com.


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