Minority Media Sends Message to Customers


It may be “business as (un)usual,” VR maker Minority Media says, but we’re all in it together. Their team has been working from home, they noted, “meeting online and in VR to keep developing great games in virtual reality.”

They also wanted to let their customers know that they’re still up and running, supporting any customers who’ve been able to stay open. “While this continues, we will suspend all ongoing fees to make it easier for you to get back on your feet when the time is right,” the company shared. “We will be here for you when you come back online.”

Perhaps more important than ever in VR, they also mentioned that they’ve already been working in partnership with Cleanbox Technologies to provide that company’s “safe, hygienic solution” to their systems.

Looking forward, they were optimistic that “entertainment businesses tend to be resilient during downtimes.” They continued: “We are hopeful that this trend will continue. After months at home, and disconnected from each other, we suspect that sometime soon, people will begin leaving their homes again. They may forgo their planned vacations and stay closer to home, where they can gather, celebrate life, and play. Some will want to visit fantastic worlds and escape. Others will seek thrills to jumpstart their blood pressure and confirm that they are still alive. We look forward to hearing from you when we are finally in better days. We will be there too.”

Let them know if they can do anything to help your business at [email protected].


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