Minority Media Now Meta4 Interactive


Minority Media, the award-winning game studio established in 2010, has changed their brand name to Meta4 Interactive to align with their evolution and expanded focus, according to the company.

“We have long been an agile, innovative independent game development studio and we look

forward to continuing to blaze new paths as Meta4,” said Vander Caballero, CEO of Meta4. “The brand change is all about the evolution of the company to grow our customer base and deliver immersive entertainment everywhere players play.”

The company said the pandemic acted as a change accelerant for Meta4, which will continue to focus on developing original intellectual property and games for location-based entertainment venues as well as mobile, console and virtual reality platforms.

Meta4 continues to expand its footprint in the LBE market with game systems in FECs and other amusement locations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. The most recent Transformers: VR Battle Arena was installed in August in Saudi Arabia. Later this year, they will launch a Transformers title as an at-home, single-player experience as well.

“Meta4 Interactive is built for this moment in time, when millions of consumers are now regularly virtually sharing real-time concert experiences, film premieres and festivals in Fortnite and Roblox,” said Michael Zaidan, VP of business development and global sales for Meta4. “Today users all over the world have begun to gather simultaneously and take part in games, meetings and collaborations. We want to blur the lines of immersive entertainment by delivering great games wherever players gather, whether they are at home playing on a console, on their phone on the go, donning a VR headset in their living room or out in the physical world engaging in a premium immersive attraction at their favorite amusement venues.”


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