Minimum Wage Goes Up in Many States, Localities


Effective July 1, according to CNN, there were a number of minimum wage increases around the United States.

Oregon, for one, went up by 70 cents to $14.20 an hour; Nevada by 75 cents to $11.25 an hour; Washington, D.C., meanwhile, is up 90 cents to $17 an hour; and Los Angeles went up by 74 cents to $16.78 an hour. Other California cities like San Francisco, Berkeley and Malibu saw increases. Chicago’s minimum wage workers are now paid $15.80 an hour and Maryland’s Montgomery County increased their minimum wage to $16.70 an hour, a $1.05 spike.

In Connecticut, the hourly minimum wage increased $1 and is now at $15 an hour as of June 1.

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