Mini-Golf Course Revamped, Reopened


The former Spring Hill Golf & Batting Cages facility in Schnecksville, Pa., will reopen tomorrow, May 1, as Rolling Hills Recreation.

According to The Morning Call, new owners AJ McCloskey and a friend and business partner have renovated the 2-acre site by putting $130,000 of upgrades into the 18-hole mini-golf course, clubhouse and snack bar, as well as the four baseball and four softball stations.

A new special feature on nine of the mini-golf holes will be a “mischief spinner,” where players can spin a wheel before their shots to get additional challenges, including: “Choose an opponent to stand on the course as an extra obstacle for your first shot,” “choose an opponent to attempt his/her next shot holding the putter behind his/her back,” “attempt your first shot with your eyes closed” and “after everyone has taken their first shot, move an opponent’s ball anywhere on the hole.” Learn more at


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