Michigan Bill Causes Concerns for Arcades


State legislators in the Michigan House of Representatives recently introduced a bill that expands what can be considered a slot machine under state law. ABC 12 reports that some are worried this could impact arcades.

The station contacted the Michigan Gaming Control Board, which said the Michigan Penal Code on Gambling has an exemption for redemption games that must be “skill-based and award a prize that can be redeemed for a non-cash prize at the same location.”

That means that even if this bill were to pass, loosening the definition of “slot machine,” arcades should be just fine. Still, something to keep an eye on. (House Bill 5227 can be found here.)

John Pascaretti, a board member of MCMOA, told RePlay that the association will be staying up-to-date on the issue: “Our association is on top of this, again showing the importance of state associations.”


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