Message from NATMC Addresses Unity


A joint letter from the National ATM Council’s board chair George Sarantopoulos and its executive director Bruce Renard to members detailed how the differences among individuals doesn’t supersede the organization’s commitment to ATM operators.

“In reflecting personally on the unprecedented need for ongoing unity throughout ATM Nation, we recognize that our NAC Membership, Board of Directors, and Staff ‘on paper’ represent varying political persuasions and parties – and yet, we are united in our love of country, respect for our unparalleled democratic form of government and belief in the importance of our industry and CASH to the U.S. economy!” they wrote.

“It’s not unusual for the two of us, who both enjoy lively discourse, to be discussing current events from differing perspectives, yet, we remain close friends and professional colleagues, who respect the other’s opinions and professional expertise and backgrounds. More often than not, our discussions lead us to the very same views on issues and what should be done about them, or at least provide a foothold for common ground.

“Bringing different ideas and vantage points to the table in a cooperative way, turns out to be a true win-win.”

Furthermore, they committed to keeping out of partisan debates and plan on continuing to work to ensure the ATM issues they fight in Washington are bipartisan. Learn more about the organization at


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