Game Talk at F2FEC Windup

George Smith

Game Guru and Amigo, George Smith of the Family Entertainment Group, addresses the F2FEC 2016 participants. At top, George with Ben Jones and Rick Iceberg at this year’s event – “10X Better.”

George Smith (right), the “Amigo” with the biggest credentials in coin-op, gave his principle presentation to the 130 assembled FEC operators on the second and last day of the F2FEC conference in San Diego. He provided his lists of key games, providing an excellent reference to the money-makers of the moment (he breaks them down into “Premium” and “Economy”). Smith, the supremo of the Family Entertainment Group, does revenue sharing, as well as owns some FECs outright. He’s been around forever and knows his subject.

“Develop your passion for this business, hire people who share that passion and make a decision to do better this year than you did last,” he advised. Doing better, actually ten times better, was the theme of the conference itself. As everyone left for the airport, heads buzzed with all the knowledge they shared during the event, one of which really defined it rather well: “A” level people hang with other “A” people, while “B” people hang with “C” people.


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