Memopark Has New Games, Kiddie Rides


Unfortunately unable to show at IAAPA Expo due to Covid-related travel difficulties, the Italian company Memopark still has some new games and kiddie rides it wants to tell potential customers about.

PJ Fun Ball is a new interactive game using the PJ Mask license. Hit more targets and get more points. The cabinet is also available with a ticket dispenser and is shipping now.

Another game, Peppa Shower, uses the Peppa Pig license. In it, the child presses the button and a shower of balls descend. Players insert the balls into the hole and if the high score is reached, another shower of balls descends. Like PJ Fun Ball, a ticket dispenser is optional, and the cabinet is available now.

Using the Batman license, the company also has Air Hockey Batman and Bat Bike. The first is a small air hockey table and the second is a kiddie ride. The air hockey table is available now and the kiddie ride will be available in January. Learn more at


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