May the Pin be With You!


Rumors have been swirling around the pinball world about Stern’s new table since last March’s Amusement Expo, and a post on the pin maker’s Facebook account this week confirmed those rumors: In celebration of the undying space opera’s 40th anniversary and recent reboot, Stern’s newest pin will be Star Wars!

The franchise has been tapped multiple times in the past by pinmakers, but it has been a while, and with the renewed interest from yearly movie releases, it’s once again on top of the galaxy.

Details are few but not too far, far away; there will be three editions of the new game: . The pin, designed by the legendary Steve Ritchie (who was behind the well loved, wide-body Star Trek: The Next Generation pin and many more) focuses on the original trilogy and features all sorts of iconic imagery including an “exploding” Death Star in the top tier models.

RePlay has heard multiple reports of the table seeing incredibly high demand already, even as details are sparse. For anyone interested in pre-ordering the pin, get in touch with your Stern distributor ASAP because, as with most things Star Wars, this one will be hot!

For more information, look for a full report next week or check out RePlay contributor Adam Pratt’s take on the news here.


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