Editorial – May 2023


How’s that saying go: “When the tide comes in, all boats rise”? We all know that one of the benefits coin-op gets from its trade conventions (like the one it just had in Las Vegas) is the chance to check the economic health of itself. With so many members gathered in one place all talking about the same thing (coin-op earnings), it’s like sticking a thermometer in “Feed Big Bertha’s” mouth. The reading? Business is uniformly good to great and in some cases, booming.

The trade show itself hit the “great” mark. Data shared by its organizers at the close of the event (held late March at the Las Vegas Convention Center) showed an impressive 29% jump in attendance compared to last year (4,251 in total) and an 18% rise in the number of companies showing goods and services for buyers (46 of which were brand new to this Amusement Expo International event).

(Note: These figures did not include those run up by the BCA Billiard and Home Leisure Expo people who joined up this year. And on that note, any worry that exhibits from that convention would dilute the “coin-op” nature of this annual spring show to the point where it would turn into some kind of “grand bazaar” when added to laser tag and bulk vending, didn’t materialize. It was still basically a “jukebox and game show.”)

“When diligence joins with energy and egos are checked at the door allowing for one common goal, you get a victory called AEI 2023,” said the AAMA’s immediate past president Joe Camarota, adding: “Thanks to all responsible parties.” Chimed in that association’s new chief, Jeff Blair: “Ditto. It was a great week for our industry.”

My personal congratulations go out to the AAMA and AMOA organizers. Together with those “boots on the ground” guys and gals from the Glasgow organization, they put on a good looking, product-filled, educational and fun four days. (Did you know the Foundations education program was a sell-out during Expo with a full 100-student turnout?)

Part of the fun was the presentation of the first group inducted into the industry’s brand-new Hall of Fame. This will be a “breathing” thing with new members and machines added as the years roll along, and it’s more than time that someone took hold of this (thanks to Rich Babich, Rick Kirby and their team for stepping forward on this project and AAMA for piloting it).


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