Markie Marks Air Hockey Anniversary


Gold Standard/Shelti owner Mark Robbins is one of the industry’s top authorities on air hockey. He reminded us of an important event that happened 30 years ago this month.

YNOT 5-16-3a

Robbins (right) meets with Gabe Garboden, Oregon’s top-rated air hockey player.

“In July 1986, the first production models of the Dynamo Air Hockey hit the street, marking the beginnings of a stunning reversal in the fortunes of the game that was first introduced in 1972,” wrote Mark, who was personally involved in the project.

“Air hockey had been decimated in the early ’80s by the advent of video games and, in 1978 by the withdrawal from the market of the Brunswick Corp., the game’s original manufacturer. Three of Dynamo’s first five tables went to operator Vince Schappell of All Prime Amusements in Houston. He provided valuable feedback and assistance with the tweaks and revisions that seem to be an inevitable part of the process of launching a new product,” Robbins recalled. 

Thanks for the historical info, Mark, and keep that air hockey flag flying high at your Bay City factory!


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