Let’s Cut to the Chase and Get to Christmas Already!


Hallmark's Joust OrnamentAt the Snodgress house, Christmas is a big deal and the summer arrival of the first new Hallmark ornaments, especially in the midst of a pandemic, has kicked things up a notch in 2020. So, already purchased is Hallmark’s new Joust ornament, a mini version of the classic video game complete with game sounds, of course. (It will join fellow games Pac-Man and Defender on the Snodgress tree.) Also for the gamers this year, the company has a 8-Bit Donkey Kong ornament, a Nintendo NES home console system, a Legend of Zelda cartridge and a Minecraft ornament. If you’re not up to going to your local store, you can buy them online at www.hallmark.com.

All the vidgames are super cool, but they do beg one question: What about a series of classic pinball ornaments?

Hallmark Dream Book Page - Joust


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