Let Us Know How the Pandemic and Economic Shutdown Have Impacted Your Business


RePlay has been conducting a pair of surveys to gauge how exactly COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders have affected the industry’s route and arcade/FEC/LBE operators. We’ve already heard from about 75 of you, and we’d like to hear from more! Route operators, you can click here to take the survey; if you run an arcade, FEC or other location-based entertainment facility, you can click here to take yours. The deadline is Monday, May 4, so you have the weekend to respond. We greatly appreciate your candor, and while we’d like to quote you for our June issue, we want your honest feedback, so it’s perfectly fine if you’d prefer to remain anonymous. Sharing your struggles and small successes in these times greatly helps other operators. Thanks in advance for your responses!

– The RePlay Team

Oh, and by the way, your May issue of RePlay is shipped and should be in your mailbox soon if you haven’t gotten it already. As usual, it’s jam-packed with useful information. While the pandemic and economic shutdown are big topics, we also have A&A Global on the cover, our annual prize digest, a feature on American Pinball’s new Hot Wheels game and much more.


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