Legacy’s Jukebox/ATM Hybrid Getting Further Enhancements


Legacy Coin-Operated Distributors wants to let readers know that their unique Jukebox/ATM combo, dubbed “Harmoney,” has been updated since the publication of the ad promoting it ran in RePlay’s May issue.

Legacy topper Ed Chermak said, “We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback since we debuted the prototype of Harmoney at Amusement Expo. We began making tweaks to the design and features right away…and we have continued to do so. You talk, we listen.”

“We apologize for any inconvenience we may have created for customers with our ad in the May RePlay that’s now out-of-date with regard to specs and overall appearance. We greatly appreciate the industry’s patience as we make Harmoney the best it can be,” he concluded.

Harmoney is a joint venture between Legacy Coin-Operated Distributors and ATM specialists Venco Business Solutions and uses a TouchTunes Fusion jukebox and Genmega Onyx-W ATM. More information on the new “music and money” machine be obtained by calling Legacy at 843-957-1999.


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