Latest Stinger Report Documents VR Development In China And MoreA 


The Stinger Report recently released the third part of a four-part series reporting on the major developments from the leading trade conventions, from the Indian Association of Amusement Parks and Industries show to the recent Amusement Expo. Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.12.15 PM

The coverage includes developments on the virtual reality industry in Asia, including information about a newly revealed project from Bandai-Namco. The company opened an experimental pop-up arcade facility in Tokyo under the name “VR Zone: Project I Can.” on April 15. The site, which stays open through mid-October, houses a number of prototype VR systems and is meant to help Bandai-Namco further develop plans to launch other venues and games in the sector.

Plans for the site include some familiar games that have been retrofitted with new VR technology. The cabinet, seat and joystick systems from Gundam Pod and Alpine Racer will be utilized, but the traditional encapsulating monitor of the pod games will be replaced with a HTC ViVE headset for a new VR experience. The test-bed location also has an experience where the player must rescue a cat stuck on a plank jutting from a skyscraper, and the realistic reactions from many of the players have gone viral.

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