LaserTron Offers New Game Types


The indoor laser tag specialists at LaserTron have announced a few new game types they’ll add to their lineup. The games are tested extensively before release at the company’s Buffalo, N.Y. location, reports the firm.

One type, called “Vampire,” allows players to start the game as a vampire or a human, and the goal is for the vampires to convert each human onto their team by shooting them. The last human standing wins. “Zombie” is a similar game type, while “Dodge Ball” splits players into two teams wherein every time a player gets hit they’re deactivated until an opposing player is hit, at which time they can reenter the game.

Finally, there’s “Respawn Elimination” where players separate into two teams and are asked to eliminate enemy players. Each gets a set amount of respawns that allow them to return after being shot, but once they use all their respawns, it’s game over!


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