Laserforce Still Going Strong


Amid all the not-so-great coronavirus-related news, Laserforce sent RePlay some information we’re happy to report – the company’s Gen8 system was installed last week in New Zealand, another in Perth, Australia, this week, and two more installs are scheduled for next week in Melbourne. Three more are set to head to U.S. locations in April.

“We have noticed that many global location owners are taking this opportunity to refresh their venues and keep pushing forward as best they can, knowing that we will emerge at the other end, ready to go and hopefully stronger,” said Jason Wallace, operations executive at Laserforce.

He noted that the company is continuing to offer uninterrupted support, service and spare parts to its customers during this time.

Laserforce also recently completed its revised FAQ page. With many people having plenty of time on their hands, the company invites those who don’t know much about laser tag or Laserforce in particular to check it out, do some research and learn what laser tag can do for their business. More information is available at


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