Laserforce Launches Gen 8 Infinity System


The laser tag pros at Laserforce have unveiled a brand-new system they say “promises to make other equipment retro in comparison.” The Gen 8 Infinity system, unveiled today (June 6), innovates in many ways, including phaser and vest lighting effects, a 3.5” touch phaser screen (seen below) and an interactive 5” chest screen.

“We redesigned our battlesuit from the ground up to be sleeker, more modern and visually stunning,” said Laserforce founder Len Kelly. “Once players see a Gen 8 battlesuit, they’ll never want to play a game of old-school laser tag again. We have changed the industry forever and the traditional style of laser tag around since the ’80s is now obsolete.”

The system is available for pre-order now and will begin rolling out to early adopters and shipping worldwide in September. Look for Gen 8 Infinity battlesuits at the upcoming Bowl Expo from June 20-21 at booth #815. Read more about the new system in the June issue of RePlay hitting subscriber’s desks now, as well as online.


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