LAI Games Wins Seventh AMOA Innovator Award


LAI Games took home their seventh AMOA Innovator Award last week at Amusement Expo. This year, the manufacturer won for Angry Birds Coin Crash. The company said it’s the first tower-building coin pusher available at U.S. arcades and wowed operators during its trade show debut.

“It is a privilege to be associated with our dynamic and talented R&D team, who have now won the AMOA Innovator Award five times in the last five years,” said Chris Brady, vice president of sales. The award recognizes new and exciting products in the amusement industry.

With Coin Crash, coin towers are built from the bottom up by a special mechanism that deposits coins in a circle – one layer at a time. Tower heights can reach up to 1,200 coins and multiple towers can be on the playfield at once. Learn more about the machine at


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