LAI Games Reinvents, Rereleases Slam ‘n’ Jam


Slam ‘n’ Jam has been reinvented and will be rereleased in a brand-new format for 2021, according to manufacturer LAI Games. The company reports its classic basketball hit now features a vibrant 32-inch HDTV backboard that augments gameplay with a progress meter and score, plus a game timer and the goal the player needs to get to the next round.

“The modern and stylish cabinet is well lit with LED lighting to attract attention, while the durable steel net appeals to old-school street basketball fans,” LAI Games wrote. “Modern soundtracks and play-by-play commentary make it a crowd favorite – and with its affordable price tag, Slam ‘n’ Jam hits the sweet spot for location owners.”

The game challenges players to race the clock to beat their goal in up to five rounds of competition. Local leaderboards add another layer of competition and replay value.

Up to eight cabinets can be linked. For more information, contact your authorized distributor or visit


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