LAI Games Giveaway


Talk about a super deal! Manufacturer LAI Games announced today, April 1, that it will be giving away a Lamborghini Aventador with each new purchase of an Asphalt 9 Legends racing simulator.

In the game, players can race up to 20 different supercars, so the company figured it would give operators a chance to own the real deal, too.

“We’re so confident the Asphalt 9 Legends Arcade experience compares to driving a real supercar that we’re giving every new Asphalt 9 owner an actual Lamborghini Aventador,” said company VP of marketing Tabor Carlton. “Sure, our CEO and CFO didn’t like the initiative, but there’s just nothing that compares to speeding 200 MPH down the street on your way to work. Except for jumping on an Asphalt 9 DX Simulator, of course.”

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