LAI Games Announces “The Big Bundle” at ShowUp


Dubbed “The Big Bundle,” LAI Games just announced its newest package of their hit game Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride. The bundle comes with the original unattended VR game; The Big Expansion Pack, which adds three new experiences for a total of six rides; and the Hygiene Kit, which comes with sanitizing wipes and a trash bin seamlessly integrated in the game.

“The Big Bundle is hands-down the best value proposition for unattended VR on the market,” said LAI Games’ VP of sales Chris Brady. “Operators get a total of six experiences, including the first interactive VR ride, signage to help promote the game, a complete marketing kit and a hygiene kit that allows guests to control their own health and safety.”

The Big Bundle costs less than the original price for Virtual Rabbids itself, the company noted. They also revealed the relaunch of a 50% discount on The Big Expansion Pack.

For more information, visit You can also show up at their virtual ShowUp booth today (Feb. 2) and tomorrow (Feb. 3) by following this link:


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