Ladies League Pinball Continues in Milwaukee


A group of Wisconsin women host the Ladies Pinball League at Bremen Café in Milwaukee in an effort to keep the game alive and have fun with new folks.

According to WUWM, the women have met on the first Thursday of every month for the past six years or so. It’s a great way to play pinball with people of all ages and experience levels, says pinball aficionado and organizer Jess Anderson.

Alice Hammers, for instance, is a 40-something who’s been playing for many years. “The first time I ever played pinball I was a wee child back in the early days of arcade land,” she said. “And pinball was the main game that I could actually get at because the boys were not constantly monopolizing it.”

The league is also a great introduction to the game, as was the case with a newcomer millennial, Liz, who’d never – ever – played pinball.

Skill Shot MKE, a Milwaukee pinball publication, has info about the league on its Facebook page at


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