King Kong Update Available


Betson and Raw Thrills recently informed operators that a software update kit is now available for King Kong of Skull Island. The King Kong of Skull Island II update kit “adds two exciting new levels for the player to pick from, bringing the total number of levels to five.”

The kit includes the software update itself, as well as a new security dongle and a completely new cabinet artwork package to easily upgrade your existing machine.

Chapter 4 – “Tri Trouble” – takes players deeper into the forests of Skull Island where they’ll encounter huge triceratops and more. Chapter 5 – “Into the Deep” – sends them into the dangerous waters surrounding Skull Island; evolved sharks, flesh-eating fish and poisonous starfish are all to be feared there.

Players also now have the opportunity to use a slingshot to defend themselves against the predators on Skull Island. Here’s a bit more of what you can expect, according to the manufacturer:

Streamlined Cycle Time

-Tutorial help messages now occur during gameplay rather than slow down the experience after the level select.

New Cabinet Art Package

-The kit will come with a brand-new cabinet art package, including side decals, upper side logo panels, front cabinet translite with updated game logo and monitor border artwork.

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