Ken Anderson Is Gone


Kenny Anderson, perhaps the most iconic of all the many colorful salesmen to work in the coin-op craft, passed away the night of May 17 at a convalescent home in Southern California at the age of 83.

To describe him as irrepressible would be an understatement, since all who had the honor of calling him friend would say his wit and sales talent would have made him a star in any other industry. But we were lucky to have him here in coin-op.

Born in Wisconsin of Norwegian heritage, Kenny cut his coin machine spurs with the old Wurlitzer distributing network, went on to head up sales for Chicago Coin and then for other game makers like Game Plan, Data East, Sega USA and most recently for TouchMagix.

Ken leaves his wife Juno, daughters Debbie and Lisa, sons Dane and Mark and several grandchildren. Beyond the family, he leaves a small army of long-time operators, distributors and manufacturers who will miss the light he brought wherever he went. Rest in God’s peace, Ken. Even Cravens would say you were the best salesman of all time. -Ed


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