Join the Overtime Fight


The Partnership to Protect Workplace Opportunity (PPWO) is asking for help to ensure that Congress hears about the impact new overtime regulations will have on companies like the many that make up the amusement industry. AMOA, a member of this coalition, hopes that more public outreach can lead to a legislative solution on the problematic issue.

The PPWO has opened a Take Action portal that gives business owners the resources necessary to make a change. The site provides contact details for your state’s lawmakers, templates for letters to send to them, basic information concerning how you may be affected and more. The PPWO is requesting industry members to co-sponsor both the Protecting Workplace and Opportunity Act and the Overtime Reform and Enhancement Act.

AMOA says it supports these legislative fixes because they allow businesses to incrementally phase in the new standards while still ensuring that workers are fairly compensated. The bill also eliminates a provision in the final overtime rule that allows for automatic updates to the salary threshold every three years.

In order to drive home the importance of this fight, AMOA is dedicating its Sunday morning session at the upcoming Road Scholar program to this topic to help members understand the potential impact of these overtime rules and ensure they are prepared if/when the regulations take effect on Dec. 1.

You can help the organization by using PPWO’s Take Action portal (see link above) and letting your representatives know how these rules will affect your business.





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