Jersey Jack Stars on BBC TV


Our own Jack Guarnieri was the focus of an interview that aired yesterday, Dec. 1, on BBC TV’s Business Briefing show (click here to see). On this televised Zoom across the Atlantic from the States to the U.K., Jack said pinball sales have zoomed themselves in recent times as folks searched out ways to fill their time during the pandemic lockdown.

Jack explained that this renaissance in flipper game popularity caused a 2-hour sellout of the premier version of his new Guns N’ Roses pin, which was actually co-designed by his old friend and group icon known as Slash. (There are 21 songs in the machine’s circuitry; the game itself was on stage during the interview right behind Jack.)

When asked if he enjoys playing himself, Jersey Jack confessed to popping the flippers around two hours on average each day and closed the interview with a big smile for the huge BBC audience and the tag: “Gonna go play some pinball now.”


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