Jerry Gordon: Mr. Non-Stop

Jerry Gordon - volunteer paramedic (2015)

In this photo from a 2015 “Where Are They Now?” feature in RePlay, we see Lieutenant Jerry Gordon with his ambulance.

We don’t want to use that “Energizer Bunny” cliché, but it’s hard to resist when talking about retired Rowe and Betson sales exec Jerry Gordon. Back in the day, the now 93-year-old coinvet was one of the very few to win both AMOA’s and AAMA’s man of the year awards. Today, the spry Mr. G. is marking his 42nd straight year as a member of West Essex, N.J.’s Ambulance Squad. Yep. Jerry’s still riding that rescue vehicle to accidents, shipping heart attack and stroke victims to the hospital and overall, giving back to that Jersey community he and wife Barbara have called home for nearly a half-century.

Barbara Gordon, by the way, still gets in her miles every morning hiking the neighborhood. Pretty soon, the pair will be relocating to their winter digs in Stewart, Fla., where they own a condo and visit old coin-op buddies like Al Kress and Jerry Marcus. Jerry G. asked us to say to his many other friends from the bygone days, and says that despite the current problems, it’s still the greatest industry there is.




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