iRacing Acquires NASCAR Console Racing Game License


In a recent press release, iRacing has announced plans to develop a NASCAR home console game that’ll be available in 2025. The company recently acquired NASCAR Team Properties’ exclusive simulation-style console racing games license from Motorsport Games. The license also extends to PC and mobile. Players can expect to see a game on the platforms XBOX, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Steam.

“When we were approached with the option to acquire the license for the simulation-style NASCAR console game, which was the console game and franchise that we were dreaming about doing, it was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up,” said iRacing president Tony Gardner.

“Having the ability to build a NASCAR console game is a privilege we promise to execute with the utmost care. We look forward to working diligently with NASCAR industry stakeholders to deliver a product that provides an amazing experience for the gaming community and NASCAR fans worldwide.”

iRacing began its relationship with NASCAR in 2010 with a licensed sim-racing product and has grown into a key technical partner of the sanctioning body as its “official simulation partner.”


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