Into the FEC Wilderness


Tucked into the heart of the Ozark Mountains is a 4,600-acre resort, Big Cedar Lodge, that just got a major overhaul. The Bass Pro Shops-owned resort contracted with Creative Works to jazz up their laser tag arena, resulting in a customized, wildlife-themed room inside the resorts new Fun Mountain, a 50,000-sq.-ft. FEC at the resort.

The two companies started working on the project early this year, communicating constantly so Creative Works could best bring the resort’s vision to life.

“Two of the ladies from the location down there came to visit us [in Mooresville]to see what we do and how we do it, and discussed what props made sense and what didn’t,” said Marsha Brentlinger of Creative Works. “We didn’t start off with the theme we wound up with, but that’s how it evolved.”

That theme transports players into the wilderness surrounding the resort as they occupy and defend Fort Big Cedar, the fortress of a log cabin envisioned by Creative Works’ team. The two-story arena allows for 26 players to battle at a time.


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