Intercard Upgrades Idaho’s Fat Cats FEC


Fat Cats staffer Krista Glider and Intercard installer Jonathan Wilson inspect the FEC’s new system.

Intercard has been busy these past few months with what they term a “whirlwind” of installations around the country. One of those upgrades went to Fat Cats in Rexburg, Idaho to replace an older debit card system from another vendor. The Rexburg location is one of six popular Fat Cats FECs that offer movies, bowling, arcades and more.

According to Jacob Glider, the General Manager of the Rexburg Fat Cats: “the Intercard system has eliminated problems our team has had with previous card readers. You swipe it once and it works the first time. Before the, it often took multiple tries to get it to work,” he declared.

Glider also appreciated Intercard’s automatic software updates, saying it saved his IT team lots of time. 39 iReader Eclipse II readers were installed along with teller and a redemption management system. The Intercard system integrated smoothly with Fat Cats’ existing Vista POS system, so customers can use one card for multiple attractions.

“We can use it at our front counter, our arcade, you can use it for bowling, movies, golf, everything that we have here,” said Glider.

“Fat Cats’ management was very pleased that we could utilize their existing database and easily transfer over customers’ card info and balances,” says Amber Collier of Intercard’s North America sales group. “That makes switching from another vendor’s system pretty painless for everyone.”



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