Intercard Shares COVID Reopening Strategy


As amusement operators reopen their facilities, Intercard’s Jerry Heinz recently shared some tips on rewarding customers in an effort to get them back into your venue, including offering invite-only reopening events and memberships to reward top spenders.

“While hotels, airlines, theme parks and FECs will take a little longer to get back to normal than other industries, those that are staying in touch with their customers will reap the benefits once the crisis lifts,” Heinz said.

With his decades in the hospitality and amusement industries, Heinz has visited more than 30 countries, hundreds of FECs, theme parks and arcades, and recognizes engagement as the key factor to getting those customers back.

“Now is the time to reach out to your guests, keep them engaged and keep your business part of your customers’ top-of-mind awareness,” he said. “If you are successful in doing so, you will be one of the first activities they do when they can leave the house.”

Heinz suggested offering invitation-only reopening nights for your top customers; setting up memberships to reward top spenders; and offering customers who purchase game cards now a bonus to use when your location opens.

“I truly believe that the industry will thrive again in the future and remembering your top spenders will help guarantee that,” he added. Visit for more information.


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