Intercard Says Pandemic Increases Cashless Demand


Intercard has reported that their global sales have risen as FECs around the world reopen. They’ve recently installed systems in Colombia, Australia, Egypt, Iraq, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar.

Among their latest installs are two Colombian FECs – Afterland in Medellin and Happy Caguan Park in Forencia Caqueta. “Many international locations that were closed due to Covid-19 are reopening,” said Alberto Borrero, Intercard’s senior vice president of international sales. “To provide a safer and more sanitary environment for customers, operators are installing cashless technology in greater numbers than ever. Many consumers are no longer comfortable using coins or bills to pay for gameplay, and cashless systems help calm their concerns.”

Intercard added that operators are both upgrading to the Intercard system and buying cashless technology for the first time. Learn more at


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