Intercard: “Pay It Safe” With Game and Credit Cards


In the rush to go “contactless,” cashless systems provider Intercard is putting the kibosh on the notion that game cards and credit cards aren’t safe to use, noting that mobile phones are germ devices in their new “Pay It Safe” campaign.

“Guests are taking an unnecessary risk of exposure to COVID-19 by paying with mobile phones at an arcade,” said Intercard CEO Scott Sherrod. “Informing customers that credit cards and game cards are less likely to spread germs and viruses than mobile phones is crucial as operators get ready for a return to business.”

That’s why Intercard is offering their Pay It Safe artwork free to all amusement operators as they begin to open their businesses. They cite scientists, physicians and the CDC all highlighting the risk of germ and virus transmission by phone.

“Mobile phones are now mobile germ devices,” explained Dr. Charles Gerba, a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona. “You get a germ on your hand, and you use your phone. Then you go wash your hands later, but the germs are still on your phone.”

Although known as “contactless payment,” Intercard says in actual use, phones and cards often touch the payment device and germs and viruses can be transferred between them. Cards, they note, are safe because people are much less likely to touch their face with them.

“Even though Intercard’s cashless systems can accept mobile devices, we feel that the responsible action is to discourage payment by phone at this time,” Sherrod said. “Game cards and credit cards are better and safer choices. Using lanyards for cards and wearing gloves during gameplay are additional precautions players can take to reduce contact with high-touch surfaces.” Learn more at


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