Intercard Partners with Skittles Kiosk Maker


Intercard has announced the integration of its cashless technology with Incredivend’s Skittles Remix Digital Kiosk, which dispenses mixes of that beloved candy. Customers can now use a payment card instead of cash or credit to make a payment at the kiosk.

“We are thrilled to be the first to integrate with Incredivend and this amazing new Skittles Remix vending machine that has lit up the trade shows and made a huge splash with our customers,” said Intercard CEO Scott Sherrod. “The design, the features and bringing this candy icon to the next level with cashless technology is fun for Intercard to be a part of. We are always working to improve ease of payment for our customers. We were the first to create readers that take both play cards and credit cards so the Skittles Remix will work in any FEC, BEC, LBE or unattended route.”

Added Incredivend president Howard Rubin: “We are grateful to Scott Sherrod and his team for working with us to incorporate Intercard with our Skittles Remix Digital Kiosk. We’ve received countless requests from venues currently using Intercard and have been waiting for this integration before taking delivery of their kiosk. Demand just got a whole lot bigger.”

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