Inowize Debuts New Game for VR Arena


Inowize Winter Break for Arkadia VR Arena

Winter Break, a family-friendly team-vs.-team romp is the latest game for Inowize’s Arkadia VR Arena library, released in partnership with RyseUp Studios. The game is available to all current and future Arkadia locations at no extra charge, says the company.

In the game, players find themselves in a schoolyard where they start a snowball fight with the goal of becoming the winter champion. The company says it’s competitive and fun, as well as “active and socially engaging, being an amazing fit for all generations, especially the younger demographic.”

On average, gameplay runs between 5 and 6 minutes, but the operators have the freedom to adjust it themselves, according to their facilities and their guests’ needs, the company says.

“Arkadia VR Arena is an attraction that enhances the guest experience in an entertainment venue. People crave premium attractions and they desire unique social experiences they can’t try at home. This is where we believe our VR Arena comes through, and that is why we feel it is vital to continue to launch new games, such as Winter Break.”

For more information, visit or get in touch with Amusement Products, the North American distributor for Arkadia VR Arena. The direct link to info on the VR line is at



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