ICON 2016: Homecoming Brings Games Back to Ottumwa


POSTER-12X18Ottumwa, Iowa, has long been heralded as the “Video Game Capital of the World” thanks to the International Video Game Hall of Fame (IVGHOF), birthing the Twin Galaxies Intergalactic Scoreboard and for numerous other seminal moments of video game history. Now, they’re hoping to host another one of those moments with a weekend of arcade-focused events, held August 5-7. 

Multiple events will be held over the weekend, including a Video Game Festival, a film premier, the introduction of the Class of 2015 to the IVGHOF and The Video Game “Walk of Fame.” This will be the fourth annual Video Game Festival, but as the Homecoming title entails, it will be the first time it is hosted in Ottumwa itself.

Michelle Ireland is the main organizer of the event; Eric Tessler is the main sponsor. The event kicks off the night of Friday, August 5, and continues on Saturday with an all-day video game festival that features children’s activities, competitions, free-play games, autograph sessions, game-related vendors and food. Some noted attendees include: Joel West, Eric Tessler, TriForce Johnson, Cary Chaney, Rene Salinas, Lonnie McDonald, Terry Minnich, Billy Mitchell, Tim and Tina McVey, Pete Hahn, James White, Steve Sanders, Richie Knucklez, Derek Sorrells and more. 

Eleven honorees will be welcomed into the Hall of Fame on Saturday: Eugene Jarvis, Josh Jones, Tim McVey, Gary Stern, Thor Ackerlund, Tim Balderramos, David Bishop, Eric Ginner, Kat Gunn, Steve Harris and the historic 1981 arcade game Defender.

Billy Mitchell and Walter Day will host a Video Game Film Festival screening numerous short films and the Iowa premiere of Man Vs. Snake,  a new video game documentary chronicling the quest for the highest Nibbler high score ever.

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