ICE’s Zombie Snatcher Gets Automatic Self-Reload


True to their name, ICE recently announced an innovative new augment to its Zombie Snatcher rotary game: the newest versions of the game now include an automatic self-reloading unit that reloads the pucks players win. Using RFID technology, Zombie Snatcher scores the pucks won, sends them to an elevator system at the bottom of the game and brings the pucks right back onto the playfield. This “set it and forget it” feature will save time and labor in the arcade.

VP of Sales Joe Coppola said the idea for the feature came from the game being such a success and money-earner.

“It was a labor-intensive game to operate and required locations, especially when busy and when the game was making the most money, to be reloading the unit, sometimes four to five times a day,” Coppola said. “Knowing this was a weakness within the game we felt we could overcome, and listening to the many good operators who gave us their feedback, we embarked on a development mission to resolve this and design a mechanism which would allow the game to essentially ‘re-feed itself’ with pucks once they were won, so the playfield was always full.”

ICE’s development team took the past eight to nine months designing the mechanism, which can easily be retrofitted into existing games in the field. From this point forward, the system will be a standard feature on Zombie Snatcher games, making the six-player game nearly labor-free, the factory says.


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