IAAPA Study Shows Industry Hit Harder Than Most


A new IAAPA study has detailed the devastating impact Covid-19 is having on the U.S. attractions industry. The key finding: employment loss is five times larger than the average loss across other industries.

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Compiled by IAAPA historian and market research professional Jim Futrell, the study (which you can access here) “showcases an industry in dire need of support from elected officials and policymakers who play a key role in facilitating the safe reopening of attractions and can spearhead Covid-19 relief legislation.”

“Just as amusement parks and arcades, historical sites, zoos and other attractions were ramping up seasonal hiring last year, the economy shut down,” said John Hallenbeck, vice president of IAAPA North America. “That meant a sudden and immediate drop in employment. It’s imperative to the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of Americans that state and local governments continue to push for the safe reopening of attractions facilities as soon as possible.”


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