IAAPA Gives FEC Owners Advice Through Pandemic


Members of IAAPA and FEC experts recently shared their advice and opinions on how entertainment center owners and operators can get through this unprecedented time of having their doors closed.

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Beth Standlee, CEO of TrainerTainment, said – first and foremost – stay positive. “Fear constricts,” she said. “I think when people can get past the ‘Oh my gosh!’ – the fear phase – they get room to be really creative.”

Plan your comeback, said Michael Browning Jr., CEO of Urban Air… “We’re focusing on, ‘When we open back up, what are staffing strategies going to look like?’” he said. “Our parks need to be immaculate, so we’re painting every wall, making the bathrooms shine … We’re going to be ready for the pent-up demand that is going to come from the marketplace when mom, dad and the kids want to get out of the house they’ve been stuck in.”

Click here to watch the video and read more expert advice for FECs, or visit www.iaapa.org for additional resources.


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