IAAPA Expo Legends 2022 Panel Features Disney Leader


Part of IAAPA Expo’s educational slate will include a panel called “Legends 2022: Epcot, 40 Years in a State of Becoming.” The panel will feature Bob Weis and Jodi McLaughlin (both of Walt Disney Imagineering), Kartika Rodriguez (Epcot) and Rick Rothschild (FAR Out! Creative Direction). The event will be hosted by Bob Rogers (BRC Imagination Arts).

“We could not be happier with the speaker lineup we have for this year’s Legends panel,” said Michael Shelton, vice president and executive director of IAAPA North America. “This popular session lets IAAPA shine a spotlight on just some of the outstanding industry leaders who have truly carved the path to where we are today. Getting to focus on Epcot as it turns 40 should offer greater insight into the future of the park and provide inspiration to everyone in attendance.”

The Legends panel will be held Nov. 16 from 4-5:30 p.m. during IAAPA Expo. Learn more at www.iaapa.org.


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