IAAPA Expo Kicks Off, Exhibitors Feeling Optimistic


A large, busy trade show floor was a sight for sore eyes after no IAAPA Expo in Orlando since November 2019. Though international travel remains light, there was a sizable crowd on Day #1 of the show (yesterday, Nov. 16). Exhibitors reported the overall quantity of attendees appeared to be down a bit, but the many who made it are either buying or are ready to buy.

Brand-new product from manufacturers was also less than usual as they continue to struggle with Covid-related issues and freight being held up at the ports. It was a big challenge for nearly all of the exhibitors RePlay heard from.

While stock is limited and lead times can be lengthy, there were certainly new games, machines and more on display – some for the first time – much of which has recently been featured in our newsletters.

We will have more information in the next Instant RePlay newsletter this Friday, Nov. 19, and also in our December issue. Stay tuned and see you out on the trade show floor!


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